About Me

Hello Friend,

My name is Amanda. I am, what I consider to be, your typical wife and mother.  I get up each morning and I go to work, I return home to cook supper, hopefully get some laundry done, do homework with the kiddos, and drive them to their activities.  

I have always valued the natural healing side of medicine.  While I believe doctors are extremely valuable, I like having the option to use traditional medicine or to follow a homeopathic route.   I began to study natural medicine in 2007.  Our youngest son was not talking normally for his age.  The doctor suggested a speech therapist, the speech therapist suggested adding an occupational therapist because of his lack of motor skills.  (he was 18 months old) About that same time I started to get letters from the school. They were concerned that our oldest son had ADD.  In a matter of weeks both my boys were being poked, tested, and evaluated by several doctors.  It was very overwhelming.  The Occupational therapist also had an interest in Natural Medicine and suggested that my youngest son may have a condition called ”leaky gut".  At the time this was not recognized by the traditional medical community.  There was no test for it.  The only way to test it was to remove dairy from his diet for 3 weeks and see if he improved.  If not, he didn't have it, if he did improve, I had a choice to make.  I felt like I could do anything for 3 weeks so I gave it a whirl.  3 weeks later my mushed mouthed baby was talking!  From then on, I dove head first into the study of homeopathic medicine.  

I was watching a free webinar one day when the speaker asked what standards I had for my life?  Did I live on the offensive side of life or the defensive side?  I asked myself that question and I didn't like the answer.  Most of the choices I was making were in fear of what would happen, not what would make me and my family happy.  So, I set myself a goal.  I wanted get to know myself!  I needed to dig up old emotions, fears, joys, life events, and see how I got here and if I wanted to stay.  What an incredible journey.  

Just for fun one day I searched web for a hypnotherapist near me.  If there was something in my past lives that I was carrying I wanted to get rid of it.  I did not find any luck with that, I found something better.  I found Reiki!!!  I went for my first Reiki session in Owensboro, KY, and I have been strongly called to it ever since.  I study under a Reiki Master Teacher.  I became Level II in March of 2019 and I hope to be Reiki Master Teacher by fall.  It is such a beautiful thing to share with people.  I have also acquired a certificate in Aromatherapy, and have every intention of continuing my holistic education, forever learning new things to help more people.

I encourage you to search the web if you have questions, or you can contact me.

Wishing you Peace and Freedom,

Amanda Koch